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A Word About Carry On Size

Recently, the International Air Transport Association (IATA-an airline trade organization) suggested that adopting a smaller carry on size would allow more space in the already-crowded overhead bins on flights. Using the current size (22” x 14” x 9”) often results in 20 or more passengers having to “gate check” their larger carry on items. Within days, after resistance from travelers, the airlines themselves and even a United States Senator, IATA clarified their statement saying that while smaller bags would be a nice idea and would make room for more bags to be placed in the overhead bins, there was no need to run out and search for a smaller carry on. Additionally, the various carriers were free to adjust the maximum accepted carry on size as they wished. Do you need to run out and buy a new carry on? Not at this time. Your current bag, provided it is 22” x 14” x 9” should be perfectly fine. Of course, some carriers, including Southwest and Alaska Airlines permit slightly larger bags. Enforcement of the carry on size varies by airline and you should always check with your carrier for the current size requirements. An interesting note: Alaska Airlines has ordered 737-900 aircraft from Boeing that feature overhead bins configured to hold bags vertically, allowing for more carry-ons to be stored in the cabin. Should you have additional questions please contact The Travel Experts® at LuggageFactory.com or our store in Ringoes, New Jersey at 866-231-5697.

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