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A touch of Paris - A Short history of Delsey

The year was 1946, a year of great changes. This was a time of reawakening and a starting over for the world. In Paris, people where hopeful and looking forward again. Businesses were getting back to business. Among them was a small family owned typewriter and camera case company that had been founded in Paris at the turn-of-the-century. “Delahaye” like almost everybody in 1946, the Delahaye Company was looking ahead, planning its future. They saw how much and how quickly the world was changing, and decided to change along with it by joining forces with the Seynhaeve brothers to manufacture luggage and form the company known as Delsey. Delsey was born of craftsmanship and expertise. Of pride in doing something well. It sprang from a creative idea, an innovative response to a world that was rapidly changing and still is. Creating the world’s first “trolley system”, world’s first “Zip Securi-tech” zippers, “over- weight indicators”, and a wheel “braking system” are just a few examples of how Delsey, owners of over 50 patents and awards, is on the cutting edge of technology and manufacturing techniques. Delsey has been able to adapt, to make itself consistently new by offering ever more functional, innovative and lightweight products, all the while staying faithful to its Parisian origins and to its history. From its roots in the French capital, Delsey has grown to become the second largest luggage company in the world, sold in over 110 countries. But through it all, the company has stayed true to itself and its history. Delsey has been a leader in luggage manufacturing and continues to still to this day revolutionizing the luggage world.  

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