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8 Survival Travel Tips

  Tip #1: Spend $2 on a reusable water bottle now and you can avoid wasting $20 every 4 hours on water in your travel. When you’re traveling you will get thirsty, FAST! You will be walking and the folks who sell water know this, and will charge you X10 as more. Also hotel water is mega expensive. So. Invest on a reusable water. Tip #2: Go to a grocery Store before you head out. Hotel Food is Expensive. Buy some Bars, or Fruits for snacks. Also when touring around, you will consume more energy than you’re used to. At that time you will pay $4 for a candy bar to fuel your energy. But if you bring some snacks, bought at the local market, you will save on your trip Tip #3 : Mix some of your clothing among luggage. In case a piece of luggage gets lost, you will not be without a spare. If you’re traveling with family, Put some of your clothing in their luggage to have spare should something get lost. Tip #4 Take a Scarf. Scarfs can be Plankeds, Shawls, Pillows, If you go to a church , you can use it to cover your hair. If you buy something heavy, you can use it to carry your stuff. Scarfs are awesome, take one with you. Tip #5 Take A Photo of your Travel Documents. That includes, Passport, park tickets, IDs, ext. the post them on a site like share a secret, or give it to a friend. Share a secret is only accessible once by the one with a password and its 100% Safe. Should something go wrong, you have a way of accessing it no matter where you are Tip #6 Learn The basics of the language. If you’re traveling to a country where English is not the main language it can survival method to learn the basics, like, (“como encuentro el hotel California”) How do I find Hotel California ( or whatever our hotel is called ) and ofcourse Takushi ( to call a Taxi in Japan) The point is, learn the survival words and questions. Tip #7 Bring a Pen. Writing instructions? Or a local’s phone number? You will ALWAYS need a Pen. Tip #8 Moisturize. Bring TigerBalm or pack some lotion. Air gets dry, skin gets irritated and when it happens you are going to wish you had brought some lotion or tiger balm.

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