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8 Items to Make a Great Music Festival

While spring marks the return of warm weather for most of the U.S., it also marks the beginning of festival season. The massive music events like Coachella, Firefly, and Lollapalooza are fast approaching, while other brilliant, less-mainstream festivals are happening weekly. The event and the atmosphere is always great, but every festival goer knows the frustration and inconvenience of the down time in the elements armed with only a tent. To help you combat these problems, here are a few essentials to keep you focused on the music and fun; not on the travel based annoyance of the in-between times.
  1. Hydration Pack:
HydrationObviously, you’re going to need a lot of water to get you through the dancing and sometimes scorching temps that accompany desert and summer festivals. You can try to be cool and just take a bunch of water bottles (which you are sure to run out of or give away fairly quickly), or you can opt for the hydration pack. Many people carry a backpack or shoulder bag anyway to get them through the day, so try out a hydration backpack instead. You can store water and other little items you would normally while keeping a steady flow of water available for when it’s inevitably need it. Too often, people collapse and die during these day-long events due to dehydration, so much so that many event companies are offering water distribution centers, ideal for the hydration pack carrier. You just have to fill up, like you’re getting gas, and you’re good to go. More and more people are opting for this option for good reason. Be smart and stay hydrated.
  1. MosRepel:
mosrepel1Bugs. Mosquitoes and other bugs are another torment for yearly festival goers as they come out in force on hot humid days. Most people carry bug spray with them, which drives down the buzzing in your ear, but leaves that pungent smell and sticky layer of film on the skin. Another option, or even a supplemental option, is MosRepel bands. The bands slowly and consistently release a mixture of natural oils that repels bugs and smells a little more fragrant than typical insect repellant. The bands last up to 180 hours after you open the package, and come in a couple different colors to blend into whatever you’re wearing. . .
  1. Pack-It Cubes:
alternative-uses-packing-cubes-and-sacs-1439398394Packing for a festival camp-site always poses problems. You want to make sure you have plenty of outfits for each day, as well as clothes to sleep in, but you don’t want to carry an enormous suitcase around. Throwing clothes in one bag causes them to jumble together and forces you to rummage through the entire bag around the campsite just to put together one outfit. Instead of rifling through your bag and getting even your clean clothes dirty, try using Pack-It cubes. A little preparation (putting outfits together beforehand), and placing each individual combination in a cube will keep you far more organized, and avoid mixing dirty with clean clothes and spreading items around. The cubes give you more room, if you’re staying in a tent, and help you get out the door faster, rather than mixing and matching eat time you get ready to go out.
  1. Rain Poncho & Waterproof Pouch:
poncho1This one is pretty self-explanatory. No one likes getting wet, and festivals often continue through the elements, so it only makes sense to come prepared for rain or shine. Too often, people forget to bring a jacket or waterproofing equipment to a festival. Not only are your clothes soaked, but you also have to deal with flooded campsites, drenched tents, and damaged appliances. Packing light is essential, and most rain jackets are fairly thick, making the one dimensional piece of clothing an inefficient packing item. A poncho is much larger, lighter, and thinner, allowing you to cover much more surface area (cover things other than your body), and stow it compactly and easily. Waterproof pouches are essential for keeping your phone and wallet safe when it rains or floods at a festival.
  1. Duffel Bags:
22duffel_black Packing for a few days of festival going is a difficult task. Overnight camping requires a lot of heavy awkward items, like tent poles and covers, so packing your clothes in a light and organized fashion is essential. Without access to laundry services and limited bathing options, carrying extra clothes and outfits becomes important to keep you smelling good. Carrying a duffel bag helps accommodate what will surely be a large clothing payload. They are lightweight, easy to throw around, and store high volumes of clothing without having to drag around a heavy frame-bound suitcase. They also fit easier in a tent than traditional suitcases and hold way more than a backpack while remaining similarly portable. They are an ideal complement to the packing cubes, capable of housing a large number of squares. Versatile, lightweight, and functional, duffel bags are an essential bag for any overnight festival goer. . .
  1. Waist Wallet:
1268_tanAre they the most fashionable, no, are they the most functional, yes. And while you may be worried about the belt interfering with your style, you can always wear the money belt under your clothing or shirt, so your style will remain uninterrupted. This one is more about convenience than anything else. The money belt or waist wallet is small, straps around your waist (obviously), and helps you carry around your I.D., money, and any other important item without carrying an exposed bag or leaving your stuff everywhere periodically. . .
  1. Drinkease:
drink_ease2It’s no secret that festivals usually go hand in hand with lots of drinking. Many people make the mistake of going too hard the first day or night, which leaves day two an awful combination of camp-style sleeping and a wicked hangover. Now, you can try to bring whatever home-made hangover remedy your normally use with you, or you can bring along a pack of the homeopathic pill Drinkease. They are small, stow able, and really help relieve some of the hangover symptoms that accompany a night of too much fun. It’s definitely worth a shot to try, rather than suffering through a second festival day with severe sensitivities and headaches. .
  1. Royce Key Finder:
505-black-st_av1This is the kind of item that you never think you need until you really, really need it. The Royce Key Finder helps you keep track or find lost wallets or phones by placing a tracker inside the item that identifies the lost item’s position up to 100 feet away. It might seem a little superfluous, as you are liable to keep your vitals (phone and wallet) on your person at all times. However, with a mass of people all in one place, intermixed with camping and tents, it’s extremely easy to lose track of your items, leaving you stranded in a rough spot. Festivals are a hotspot for lost or stolen items, so prepare for any situation.

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