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6 Great Travel Apps for Road Tripping

Most travelers think in terms of flight travel when it comes to travel apps. However, many people prefer to road trip across the states in order to reach their vacation destination. Some use the road trip as a means to end; a cheaper method of travel requiring stamina to plod through hours of open road, highways, and occasional traffic. Others use the road trip as a method of vacation, making frequent stops and small detours along the way to find hidden treasures. Whatever the reason behind your road trip, there are a few apps that can help you get the most out of your journey. Point-A to Point-B Essentials:
  1. Google Maps:
This might be the most obvious entry on the list, Google Maps is a staple on just about every smartphone and is used thousands of times daily to plot out ETA’s and route navigation. It’s free, and suggests multiple routes to drive, train, or walk from one area to another, while giving you typical times based on your route. The app also takes into account construction and traffic jams, adjusting arrival times and suggesting alternate routes based on this information. As long as you have service, there’s no app better for navigation than Google Maps. Whether you’re traveling across the country or walking a block to grab a sandwich, Google Maps will work for you.
  1. iExit:
While not as commercial and widely employed as Google Maps, iExit is a God-send for weary travelers looking for a rest, a bite to eat, and a quick refuel. As long as you’re on a highway with location services on, iExit will detail the composition of upcoming exits in terms of restaurants, lodgings, and service stations. There’s nothing more frustrating than holding out for the perfect exit with plenty of food options, only to be greeted by a stream of empty turn-offs with one run-down gas station, no food, and no hotels. iExit saves you from excess stress, giving you the distance to upcoming exits, along with a list of all the upcoming exits along the interstate, helping you plan out your trip quickly on the fly, and landing you fueled, rested, and satiated. It really is a must for every traveler.
  1. GasBuddy:
Similar to iExit, GasBuddy helps you plan a trip a little easier, but while the former focuses on restaurants, hotels, and available gas stations, GasBuddy helps you cut costs by pricing upcoming gas stations in one medium. GasBuddy displays a map of all gas stations in your surrounding area, based on price and fuel type. You may also calculate the cost of your trip by filling in your route and vehicle information. It’s really helpful for cutting costs. Not only can you find upcoming gas stations, especially in conjunction with iExit, but also you can choose stations with the lowest price, or most highly rated, “Top Tier” stations. If traveling on a budget, or just a fan of sophistication, GasBuddy is a must have.
  1. Triposo:
While more of a niche app than most others on this list, Triposo can be a life saver when driving through remote areas without consistent cell-service or satellite map access. Triposo allows you to copy maps onto your phone, so that when you travel through an area without internet or cell service, you still have a life-line to guide you through the uncertain terrain. Triposo has a number of other helpful features including fun attractions, weather information, and additional guides to help you maximize your trip on the road. Road Trip Enhancers:
  1. TV Food Maps:
This might be the best app you’ve ever downloaded (If you’re a fan of food and restaurant television like me!) TV Food Maps allows you to search by location to find local restaurant hotspots that have been featured on the bevy of food-based television shows. Almost fifty shows are incorporated on the app spanning across nearly every state, specialty cuisine, and food type, with more restaurants on the way. If you’re looking for a few pig-out spots along your route, you should download this app. Whether it’s taking on your own version of a Man vs. Food challenge or hitting up a spot from your favorite episode of Triple D, the TV Food Maps app will guide you to the best eats on your journey.
  1. Roadtrippers:
Roadtrippers is the app for people who like to take the scenic route as opposed to the straight and narrow. No matter where your road trip takes you, every area of the country has unique spots and experiences that add a little spark to your trip. All you have to do is put in some basic information, including: origin, destination, interests, and preferences, and the app will map your drive with some fun restaurants, points of interests, and scenic overlooks. If there’s a certain point of interest that tickles your fancy, then you can mark the POI as part of your trip, and Roadtrippers will re-route your drive accordingly. It’s a fantastic, multi-faceted app for those who enjoy the drive and the unique sites more than any other part of the road trip.

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