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5 Travel Quotes that are not total Cliches

ravel Quotes are all over the internet and ,for the most part, they are worn out cliches. but every so often, some of them offer genuine wisdom and advice.
"To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about Other Countries " - Aldous Huxley
This Quote by English writer, novelist, philosopher, and globetrotter Aldous Huxley reminds travelers than, when they visit a new country, they must forgo any preconceived notions and stereotypes. Specially if its your first trip. Dump the ugly American mentality and open yourself to a new unexplored world. Taste new foods, experience the culture, but always remember to stay safe. Research the country before you travel and be safe. Do not let paranoia and stereotypes keep you from experiencing the joys of travel.
"Pack light and Go Further" - Anonymous
This cliche holds more wisdom than most travelers realize. When traveling to the wilderness, over-packing can be overwhelming, but under-packing can be dangerous. So how do experience travelers find a middle grown: Lightweight! Brands like High Sierra specialize in lightweight but durable tracking bags. Even 1 or 2 LB can make a huge difference in your packing. The lighter the backpack, the more you can take with you. Specially if this is the first time you venture out into nature. Keep it light, keep it efficient, and keep it safe. Do not pinch pennies with your backpack.  
"Travel isn't always Pretty..."
While this sounds like a cliche, the message is timeless. KNOW WHAT YOU'RE GETTING INTO before you get on that plane. When I traveled to Rivera Maya Mexico, I did not expect that I would have to travel up a huge cliff , and nearly scale Mountains to make it to my destination. Somehow I deluded myself into thinking that climbing a mountain to reach the pyramids of Mexico. The result was more torture than fun. All it took for me was to google the trip before going and I would have known that I was not fit enough for a mountain climb to reach the pyramids. The point is, research your vacation and your destinations before traveling, and then ask "is this for me?" Do not travel on the blind. The travel experts at Luggage Factory have a pretty comprehensive review of most popular travel destinations. There are other resources that will give you a better suited for your lifestyle and needs.  
"I would gladly live out of a Suitcase if it meant I could see the world"
- The truth in this quote is not in seeing the world ,but in the fact that your luggage is your must important traveling companion. It carries your life with you . This also means that choosing the right luggage is just as important as choosing where to travel. We all have tastes, and things that we value in our luggage. Pick a luggage , not based on price, but based on need. Investing on a Briggs and Riley Luggage , while expensive, promises to be reliable and with a lifetime warranty. Choosing based on price only can cost dearly in the long run. Knowing your traveling needs and amenities can help you pick between a checked Luggage Vs A carry-on the question is, If you would gladly live out of a Suitcase, if it meant you could see the world? which Suitcase would you Choose? and Why?  
"Sometimes You want to go where nobody knows your name " - wish is the opposite of Gary Portnoy's Song.
Traveling is about making new experiences and forgoing your comfort zone, but make sure someone who knows your name knows where you are ahead of time. If you get lost, or something happens in your travel, make sure someone knows where you plan. Make sure they have a list of every place you plan on visiting. While "Going where nobody knows your name," is the way to go, its probably a good idea to plan ahead and make sure you are safe while traveling. And these has been 5 travel quotes that you can find online but that are not total cliches. Be sure to subscribe to the travel experts page for the best travel advice and info online.

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