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2-Wheel vs. 4-Wheel Luggage

2-Wheel vs. 4-Wheel LuggageThe biggest question on every new luggage shopper’s mind is 2-wheeled or 4-wheeled luggage. What are the benefits and downsides of each? Which should you choose? Well, as always with luggage there is no right answer, just the best for you. So, below is a quick comparison to hopefully help you make the best decision. When it comes to durability, there are only slight differences between the two styles of bag. Today, collections across the different brands offer both 2-wheeled and 4-wheeled luggage depending on your personal preference. Although the integrity of the bag is not significantly altered, 4-wheeled spinner wheels are more exposed as they hang freely from the actual case. While not a big issue for carry-on size luggage, checked baggage is subject to much more wear and tear. The exposed wheels of spinners are more vulnerable to displacement than the 2-wheeled rollaboard; thus, they tend to be damaged more often in flight. That’s not to say that 2-wheeled luggage is not subject to the same damage; often the wheels are just housed within the case cradling them away from some of the extra beating of the airplane. There is also a slight difference when it comes to mobility. The 2-wheeled luggage, while mobile, needs to be dragged behind and in a straight line. When the bag is heavy, this can be a burden for people juggling a number of carry-ons, personal items, and checked bags. The 4-wheeled spinner luggage is easily pushed beside you as opposed to dragged behind. Even when extremely heavy, these bags move with relative ease. Spinner carry-ons also travel down the aisles of airplanes a little easier and can be moved and rotated more precisely. Again, both are very mobile; it just depends on the type of mobility you prefer. In terms of space, there is not a significant difference between the two styles of bag. The spinner luggage options, when it comes to the checked bag sizes, are usually made an inch higher off the ground than 2-wheeled luggage. In other words, spinner luggage would list as a 29” bag while 2-wheeled luggage would list as a 28”. This extra inch compensates for space you cannot pack in that it is taken up by the wheels. The actual cases of 2-wheeled and 4-wheeled luggage are typically the same size, keeping the capacity the same as well. However, carry-on luggage is slightly different. A 22” 2-wheeled carry-on will have more packing space than a 21” or 22” spinner carry-on. Due to the restrictions on size, and the need for 4 exposed wheels, the actual capacity will be less in the 4-wheeled carry-on because you cannot pack in that bottom inch or so. Overall, neither style of bag is really better than the other; it comes down to what type of bag you prefer for your travels. Below are options for both spinner and 2-wheeled luggage: Click to shop for 4-wheeled carry-on spinners Click to shop for 2-wheeled carry-on spinners Click to shop for 4-wheeled checked baggage Click to shop for 2-wheeled checked baggage

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