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10 Best Spring Break Trips

Months of stressful classes and college rigors take a toll on every student, but fear not! Spring break is rapidly approaching for campuses across the nation, freeing students everywhere to cut loose and enjoy themselves, albeit briefly. Make the most of your Spring Break by hitting up one of these party destinations:   ...10. Galveston,Texas The Seawall is the place to be for spring breakers visiting Galveston. Located along the Gulf Coast of Texas, Galveston attracts many spring breakers from all over the Southern-half of the United States to enjoy the sand and beach bash atmosphere. While maybe not equipped with the amount of clubs, bars, and nightlife as some of the other locations on this list, Galveston spring breakers make their own party with plenty of students from all over joining together along the Seawall.  
  1. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Punta Cana may be the forgotten gem of Caribbean Spring Break destinations. The city is home to an immense collection of all-inclusive resorts (perfect for spring breakers). The all-inclusive atmosphere may seem a little counter-intuitive for some students, as it is traditionally associated with family vacations; however, the collection of food, stay, drink, and activities all wrapped into one serves as a perfect template for Spring Break. You don’t have to undergo extensive research, delving into what places to eat, what places are safe to visit, and how to get around, you only focus on relaxing and enjoying yourself. The bevy of resorts in Punta Cana come equipped with cocktail bars, large beach-side drink menus, and a whole lot of ocean for jumping into or admiring from a distance. There are plenty of outdoor activities available beyond the beach, through the resort, for those looking to adventure further from the main Spring Break zones.  
  1. Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico may not be geared towards Spring Break like other destinations on this list, but that doesn’t preclude the exceptional Spring Break atmosphere the island provides. Equipped with deep blue ocean waters, sandy beaches, and a number of clubs and casinos, Puerto Rico offers students a Caribbean escape close to home, without leaving the U.S. While the shores of Puerto Rico remain a substantial attraction, the inland provides a plethora of options for spring breakers to enjoy, including beautiful views, courtesy of the constantly changing terrain, and outdoor activities a plenty. If you are looking to party, there are more than enough options around the island, on the beach, and in San Juan, but there is much more to see and do in Puerto Rico.
  1. Bahamas
Nassau has been a Caribbean haven for people and families for years, and a lot of what makes it such a tourist destination, makes it a great spot for Spring Break. Less than 100 miles off the coast of Florida, in between the U.S. and Cuba lay the Bahamas. Nassau is home to the legendary Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, complete with an underwater world and ocean life. The resort also packs tons of beach related activities for both spring breakers and families. The drinking age is 18, in the Bahamas, which of course appeals to college students around the U.S. who often fall short of the 21 year restriction. The Bahamas offer island trips for day parties, of DJ’s, music, and dancing, or beach lounging and tanning for those looking for a more peaceful atmosphere. Plenty of open bars around the island and party cruises are available for visitors looking for specialized Spring Break packages.  
  1. Miami Beach,Florida
Miami has long been synonymous with Spring Break, largely due to the party atmosphere that pervades the city on arrival. Clubs are plentiful throughout the city and the beach itself can suck you in for your entire stay. South Beach acts as a magnet each year for college students, particularly those toiling away in cold weather cities, providing gorgeous views of sand, ocean, and people. Clubs, dancing, and drinks abound around the beach during the day, and if you think the daytime is a party, just wait until everything is lit up at night! South Beach tends to get a little crowded around Spring Break each year, for obvious reasons, which serves to the heighten the party atmosphere with lots of people interacting along the backdrop of crashing waves over pale sandy beaches. If you are not one for crowded beaches, Miami offers a number of other, less crowded, more family-oriented beaches perfect for escaping the bustle.  
  1. Las Vegas, Nevada
“Sin City” is one of the most well-known party and revelry cities in the United States, but it also doubles as an excellent Spring Break location, particularly if you are over 21. The casino gambling provides an excellent source of entertainment for those willing to partake, and many hotels, like Caesar’s and Aria, are well-known for their glitz and glamour. However, much of the party atmosphere that spring breakers look for takes place pool-side throughout clubs around The Strip and around Las Vegas. DJ’s keep college kids dancing by the pool with a cocktail of party music and drinks. The party never stops in Vegas, making it an excellent spot for Spring Break.  
  1. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Located at the southernmost tip of the Baja California Big Sur on the Pacific Ocean, Cabo San Lucas has been a luxury Spring Break and beach-going destination for years. The area is adorned with beautifully blue ocean, sprawling sandy beaches (excellent for loafing), and plenty of resort options to sustain travelers. Spring breakers will find peace on the beach, escaping the heaps of homework and endless hours of studying they leave behind on campus. The excellent beach resort atmosphere is supplemented by excellent party and club options at night permeating the resorts. For spring breakers with a slightly larger budget, Cabo will leave a lasting impression, sure to carry over in to the second half of the semester.  
  1. Cancun,Mexico
Cancun might be one of the most famous merrymaking cities in the world, and there’s no better time to visit this party metropolis than Spring Break. While many destinations on this list are form fit for a Spring Break trip, Cancun makes an event out of Spring Break. Where else do you see massive, beach-side day dance parties with hundreds of college students from all over partying in one spot? The Inception Music Festival takes place around Spring Break every year in Cancun and attracts the best DJ’s and party acts to put on a show around the beaches and clubs of Cancun. The beach party atmosphere is matched only by the bar and club scene in Cancun. A short step off the beach places spring breakers into an urban block with options for everyone, including dance clubs, low-key bars, and plenty of good food options to refuel.  
  1. South Padre Island,Texas
A sliver of land located off the Texas coast, South Padre Island is famous for attracting spring breakers from February through April. The beaches are soft and pale, with lightly crashing waves evoking a peaceful rhythm for tanners, and sun-bathers. In other spots, the beaches are full of college students laughing, dancing, and drinking with one another in a weeklong party. While the beach bashes are hard to leave, the nightclub scene built around the ocean will leave you wanting to stay long after your vacation is up. With a variety of bar options and dance clubs, South Padre Island offers everything you could want in a Spring Break escape, just off the coast of Texas.  
  1. Panama City Beach,Florida
The consensus number one spot for spring breakers, as it has been for years now, Panama City Beach in Florida remains the biggest destination for college students on Spring Break. The beach is vast, white, and beautiful, the ocean is calm, and the parties never end. Students often take over the hotel scene in Panama City Beach during Spring Break, bringing tons of dancing and drinking along with them. The revelry extends beyond the hotel rooms as spring breakers take over the beach and meet others from campuses all over the country. The nightclub scene around the city and beaches has followed suit in order to capitalize on the mass migration of college students to the beach in March. Places like Club La Vela and Sandpiper Tiki Bar amplify the Spring Break atmosphere with a mix of cocktails and good music. Panama City Beach truly signifies the top Spring Break spot year in and year out by consistently bringing college students from all over together, and uniting them in a non-stop party atmosphere.  

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